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Nicaragua por segundo año consecutivo gana "El mejor evento SFD" para este año 2008.

Es una gran alegría para las comunidades del Software Libre que Nicaragua vuelva a destacar en eventos de esta clase.

Felicitamos a los organizadores y participantes por tan merecida victoria.

Y solicito que el par de OLPCs sean donadas a una escuela, seria el mejor uso para las laptops educativas.

Les copio el mensaje notificando el reconocimiento:

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From: Robert Schumann <[email protected]
Date: 25-nov-2008 18:12
Subject: [SFD-discuss] SFD 2008 - competition winners!
To: SFD announcements <[email protected]>, Open discussions about SFD
<[email protected]>

****Dear SFD'ers,

Following a highly successful SFD 2008 - with 50% more teams registered than
in 2007 - we are pleased to announce the winners of the competition for the
best event:

  - FOSS Nepal Community (team leader Subir Pradhanang) - team report PDF
  - SFD Nicaragua (team leader Leandro Gomez) - team report
  - DabaweGNU (team leader Holden Hao) - team

Congratulations to these teams, and many thanks to Subir, Leandro and Holden
for leading their events and telling the world about their how it went!

Each winning team will be receiving a prize of a *pair of OLPC

The winning entries were selected for the scope of their SFD activities, the
number of people reached (particularly from the wider, non-technical
community) and the quality of the reporting. However we received many high
quality entries - a total of almost fifty submissions - and special mention
also goes to:

  - Guyana (team leader Vidyaratha Kissoon) - team
  - Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (Dev Anand Teelucksingh) - team
  report <http://www.ttcsweb.org/articles/sfd2008/index.htm>
  - freeIT (team leader Mylene Sereno) - team

Thank you to all teams (over 500 teams in almost 90 countries) for their
efforts in making SFD 2008 such a great success, and don't forget to put
Saturday 19 Septermber 2009 in your calendars! To make sure you don't miss
out on registration, make sure that you are subscribed to the SFD-announce
mailing list <http://mail.sf-day.org/lists/listinfo/sfd-announce>.

Robert Schumann
*Vice President, Software Freedom International*

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